Sense of Maine | Nat Geo

Client National Geographic | Visit Maine
Description In this sensory experience for National Geographic and Visit Maine, Trick & Mortar dove deep into all a summer in Maine has to offer. Trick & Mortar followed Nat Geo Explorer Acacia Johnson to find out what sensory elements can put an audience into a Maine state of mind.

The ultimate goal was to draw more summer visitors to the state by showering Nat Geo’s audience in natural beauty and pristine sounds. The campaign came together in a few short weeks and was filmed over four days at more than a dozen locations. From the charming back roads of Kennebunkport to the bustling streets of Portland, the results are cinematically immersive and an authentic exploration of the electrifying joy of Maine.

“Together we conjured up a campaign that engulfed the viewers’ senses in the core essence of Maine.”
-Tom King
Senior Producer, National Geographic

Acacia’s strong narrative helped to drive what was filmed in each location. The production crew was privileged to wander through the landscape with Acacia, as she shared her experience and tips on hunting for the perfect shot.

“Acacia’s captivating style was the butter on the lobster roll. ”
-Jeff Strong
Creative Director, Trick & Mortar

After production, Trick & Mortar’s editorial staff kept the Pine State vibe alive, delivering several local stories in Acacia’s voice, sensory spots, and an ASMR experience. Sense of Maine, the branded entertainment series along with Acacia’s featured photography and articles currently air throughout the month of July on Nat Geo’s website, Instagram, and TikTok.


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