Reframed Marilyn Monroe

Client CNN
Description See the iconic Marilyn Monroe in an all new light with CNN’s new special, Reframed. And one of our favorite techniques was on display with this teaser trailer. It's what we call, the one-shot-willy! Using a single tracking shot from production of Marilyn's dressing room, we brought the legendary actress to life. A combination of soundbites & driving lyrics drive the pace as she shed her mask of fancy pearls & gloves to reframe the viewer's perspective.

And topping the list was a compositing challenge; digitally moving the mole on our Marilyn look-a-like’s face to the right spot. Holy Moley! With a little bit of rotoscoping magic, we delivered. While there might have been some smoke & mirror tricks in this spot, it’s always the real deal when our creatives dive in.

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