Client Joey L
Description The way this cuts brings it all back together again. And now the curtain call... Welcome to ETHIOPIA ኢትዮጵያ by Joey L.

The first frames of footage we screened:
"Excuse me, gashe do you have a minute? We want to talk to you"
"Abet weye?" [ What's up? ]
"This photographer called Joey, he has been coming to Ethiopia for 12 years. He thinks you are very interesting and wants to photograph you."
"Photograph ? Why meeeee? (Warm voice, laughing.) hehe Wani! [oh no!]".

The trick...unite the many East African cultures into a single, visually cohesive body of work, while still celebrating each people's diversity. The mortar...over a decade of @joeyldotcom photographic work from all over Ethiopia.

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