Don't Guess Test

Client Washington Media Group
Description “Don’t Guess. Test.” is a social movement aimed to expand awareness and educate patients about precision medicine and the importance of comprehensive genomic testing in lung cancer.

At fogomotion, we are adamant about living life to the fullest; and therefore, creating a culture that expresses this “cup half-full” attitude. For those who have loved ones battling lung cancer (or any cancer for that matter), we know the importance of having that bright, positive spirit. The spot begins showing five people from different backgrounds and ethnicities making it clear that cancer doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone. However, sifting through the statistics, there are certain demographics more susceptible to the disease. Therefore, we focused our attention and followed one individual’s journey in correlation with the stats. But, this fight against cancer is not individualistic, it’s holistic. In community and united together is where strength is gained and success is achievable.

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